Product security

You can use the information on this page to check the integrity of your Sqwarq product.

Security measures

All Sqwarq apps are code signed with our Apple Developer ID which prevents anyone modifying the bundle between our signing it and you launching it.

In addition, App Fixer, Boot Buddy, Critical Updates, DetectX, DetectX Swift, and FastTasks 2 all include anti-tampering devices that check on every launch that the code signing is correct.

For extra security, this page also lists the checksum for the latest version of each of those products.

How to check the codesigning

As stated above, Sqwarq products have robust checks to ensure that code signing is correct and has not been interfered with. However, if you wish to make a manual check of the code signing requirements, you can do so by following these instructions:

i. Open the
Terminal is located at /Applications/Utilities/

ii. Enter
At the Terminal prompt, type (or copy and paste) the following:

codesign --display -r-

and add a space.

iii. Enter the path to the app’s binary.
The easiest way to do this is to drag the app from the Finder into the Terminal window. Using DetectX Swift as an example, you should now see this:

codesign --display -r- /Applications/DetectX\

iv. Enter

/Contents/MacOs/DetectX\ Swift

(often, you only need to type the first letter of each folder and then hit the ‘tab’ key for autocomplete).

Assuming DetectX Swift is located in your /Applications folder, the whole thing should look like this:

codesign --display -r- /Applications/DetectX\\ Swift

v. Hit ‘return’ on your keyboard to execute the command.

Note the developer id at the end of the output:


A valid version of any Sqwarq app will have that exact developer id and no other.

How to verify the checksum

For extra reassurance, you can also validate the checksum on the binary. If the checksum does not match what you see below for the stated version, the app should be deleted and a fresh copy downloaded from

New : you can now validate the checksums automatically by running this script.
The checksum for the script itself is dee3a6e9dfd3e97ae5d88419cd06c86778851ab5

To validate the checksum’s manually, use the following to verify the checksum for the current version of each app (assuming each of the apps mentioned below is in the /Applications folder; if the app is located somewhere else, adjust the path appropriately. This does not affect the checksum result).

Note that the checksum changes with each update, so you must either use the script mentioned above or check back here to find the latest checksum after each update:

App Fixer 1.7
shasum /Applications/App\\ Fixer
Result: 3ed177be9e69967dd99358ac1716d7117ec229aa

Boot Buddy 1.01
shasum /Applications/Boot\\ Buddy
Result: ea8ab5e7930f988c022b0dc31dfbeca86b609cde

Critical Updates 1.59
shasum /Applications/Critical\\ Updates
Result: e4448052398b8d152bf670c0b0c4976d9488da4e

DetectX 2.85 (not DetectX Swift)
shasum /Applications/
Result: 7428f52c9ee5e36e8b0c9d50a913c28e446b03bb

DetectX Swift 1.060
shasum /Applications/DetectX\\ Swift
Result: 3aca4daffb14665f95cad9e34a828e0902a592b1

FastTasks 2 2.47
shasum /Applications/FastTasks\\ 2
Result: 6a084ee6e8557d4d67abfe08540683db26364cfb

If you encounter any anomalies or difficulties with the above, do not hesitate to contact us at Sqwarq Support.