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Does your favourite app keep crashing on launch, or quit unexpectedly during normal operation? Got an app that keeps starting up with unwanted settings or preferences that you can’t seem to shake? Or perhaps Safari has been hijacked by some recurring page or pop-up that just won’t go away?

App Fixer quickly gets apps like Safari, Photoshop, or any other app that’s misbehaving back up and running again when their preferences or window states have become corrupted or you just want to return to a defaults launch.

App Fixer removes user preference plist files and Saved Application State files quickly and easily. No more hunting around in your User Library trying to figure out which one’s to delete. Just choose the app and click ‘Fix’!

Version 1.7
(Updated:  20 Feb, 2018)

Read the Release Notes…

Requires OS X 10.8 or higher

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8 thoughts on “App Fixer

    1. I don’t see any obvious functional changes in Sierra that would affect App Fixer.

      That said, Sierra is still in very early beta release and we have not begun updating our apps for macos 10.12. If you run App Fixer in Sierra and discover any bugs, you should report them to Apple. They will (so they say…) pass them on to us.

  1. What differences does it have from buying a license or not buying a license?? I really like the simplicity of this genius software and will donate / support / purchase a license to thank the developer for solving my needs… however I am curious as to why the developer hasn’t put a CAP on this such as a 30 Day Free trial then user has to buy a license or something??

    I just want to know what does the software do once been purchased? any changes or advantages?

    1. Thanks for reminding me about this, We need to update the wording, as it’s not really a license you’re buying (there is no licensing change between a registered and unregistered version), but a registration key. The app is Shareware, and the only reasons to buy a key are i. to support continued work on the app; and ii. to remove the nag window.

      I will fix the wording on this in the next update.

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