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New: Now also available for macos 10.11 – 10.13: DetectX Swift Beta



Our macs are great, and out of the box they perform just as Apple designed them to.

However, as we start to use our macs to accomplish our needs, we add software to them that was not designed and tested by Apple.

Sometimes, we add software to our macs unknowingly, as a consequence of some other action we took.

And sometimes, one or more of these additions causes our macs to behave in ways that we neither want nor welcome.

When this occurs, DetectX’s job is to help you determine what happened to your mac and to fix it. Use the on-demand Search, Profile and History functions to quickly scan for, inspect and analyse problems affecting your mac.

You need not wait for trouble to start before using DetectX, though. Its troubleshooting capabilities are enhanced by the history of changes that it records over time, so running DetectX on a regular basis – at least once a week – is good troubleshooting practice.

Live Updates: New malware and security threats crop up every day. DetectX provides live updates every time it runs, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date protection possible — no need to wait for a new version of the app.

Fast support: DetectX’s reporting function lets me resolve issues for you more quickly than ever. No call centers or help tickets that go nowhere — I’ll always give a prompt, personalized answer to your questions. The reporting tool allows you to send a full system snapshot so that I can get a solution to you fast.

Convenient in-app registration: Love your free DetectX? Want to support its continued development? Now you can register in-app securely, quickly, and conveniently, without worrying about licensing keys or payment processing sites. Supporting shareware like DetectX is now easier than ever.

Requires macOS 10.7 or higher.
(Note for SL users: Cos’ you’re special, 🙂 we’ve made you your very own ‘DetectX for Snow Leopard‘ app. Requires an Intel 64-bit processor. Please consider this as beta software and report any bugs directly to us. Our ability to test on 10.6 is limited!)


In Detail

DetectX is the only troubleshooting app that runs on every version of macOS from 2011 to present.

Key features include:

– Remove MacKeeper and other potentially unwanted software
– Detect Keyloggers, Adware & macOS Malware
– Track changes to your system
– Show/Hide invisible files
– Stay safe: DetectX does not require Admin privileges to install or run

With DetectX you can:

Fix problems:
Use the Detector View to find and trash the hidden and not-so-hidden files belonging to apps and processes that can be responsible for performance problems. There are generally three categories of things the Detector searches for: commercial apps with hidden executables, adware and keyloggers.

Stay Informed:
DetectX warns you when 3rd party applications, processes or files are added or removed to crucial areas of your mac that may impact performance. The Inspector runs automatically on launch and whenever you manually use the ‘Record’ function in the Inspector View.

Tip: Add DetectX to your Login Items so that the Inspector runs automatically on log in. It is also possible to set up regular scheduled runs of the Inspector using AppleScript, Automator or macOS’s (see the supplied User Guide for more information).

In addition, DetectX runs a number of supplementary background checks on 3rd party kexts, daemons and network connections when a Detector search is run. Vulnerability checks on certain software installations are also conducted at the same time. The results of these supplementary checks are shown in the Log Drawer.

Analyse and Diagnose:
The History View keeps logs of all the Inspector’s runs and allows you or a technical adviser to analyse and diagnose what changes occurred on your mac. For convenience, you can review all logs, individual logs or just a list of changes.

Please read the supplied User Guide (Help > User Guide) fully before using DetectX.

NOTE: Using DetectX’s Inspector and History Views safely and effectively requires the user to have some basic knowledge of how macOS works and how files and folders are organised. If you do not understand what DetectX is showing you, ask someone more knowledgable or seek advice on a technical forum such as Apple Support Communities. On no account should you move or remove files without understanding the consequences of what you are doing nor without a complete backup of your system on an external disk.


How much does it cost?

DetectX is shareware. You are welcome to try it at no charge. If you find it useful, please support shareware and the continued development of this program. Registration is simple and currently costs US $10 for personal use and US $49.99 for commmercial-type use. Register / Read more…


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What’s new

Version 2.80
(Update: 14 Nov 2017 15:38 ICT )
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