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“the must-have app for every Mac!”

What does it cost?

As of March 18, 2020, DetectX Swift Home and DetectX Swift Management can be registered without payment. The Pro license is no longer offered. This free registration offer only applies to Version and will continue through to End of Life for all versions of DetectX Swift

Please use the following details in the App Registration window:


Upon release of Version 2, there will be an upgrade path for those who paid for a Management license prior to 18th March, 2020. Free registrations will not be eligible for any special pricing on Version 2 licenses.


“As an author of a Mac eBook for newbies, I have a chapter where I recommend DetectX…Thanks for the great little app. Glad to support it!”   View…

“Awesome little app, lightweight and does the job well. The best part is that it doesn’t install persistent, constantly running file scanners like other AV apps. Definitely recommended for someone who installs a lot of apps outside the App Store.”  View…

“super poweful tool, works super fast”   View…

“Remove MacKeeper – The easy way!”      View…


DetectX Swift requires macOS 10.11 or later >> Download

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Why is DetectX Swift so fast?
What does DetectX Swift detect?
Is it any good?
DetectX Swift User Guide
Video Tutorials
Release Notes


DetectX Swift Profile Manifest (for use with ProfileCreator)
DetectX Swift TCC.mobileconfig profile
SHA256: f22ea76b969ab1f66d4a9a8d50bc95dc56f434ea47e5fee7c30ffca68ea26186

DetectX Swift DisableAutoUpdates.mobileconfig
SHA256: 7c39c8ded7b9cdd369f440898407bc271040f31376c3e5fd69f3d2fd5fb5a62c

Integrating with Jamf Pro for Scheduled Malware Scanning
Deploying DetectX Swift with Munki
Integrating with Munki
Using the Command Line Tool


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What is it?

Let’s start with what it isn’t: it’s not an AV Scanner that wastes your system resources scanning harmless files. It’s not a ‘clean up’ app that pretends to speed up or improve your mac’s performance, and it’s not an uninstaller or app remover for other apps that leave around file litter.

It is, rather, a lightweight, on-demand dedicated search and troubleshooting tool, probably the fastest of its kind, that can identify malware, adware, keyloggers, potentially unwanted apps and potentially destabilising apps on a mac. It can also help you (or us, if you consult us), to identify unknown and novel threats through its Profiler and History functions.

To learn more, please browse the links above to the docs, video tuts and helpful articles. Or drop us a question at Sqwarq support. We’re also on Twitter, Line (@sqwarq) and Facebook.

For teams, organisations and those wanting to use DetectX Swift’s command line tools beyond the initial 20-day trial period, you guys need to register for a free (version 1, only) Management license.

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Authorised resellers

There are no authorized resellers of any Sqwarq Home registration products, including DetectX and DetectX Swift.

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