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Current version: 1.0

Ever wished you could see at a glance if your network has changed without having to click on the Wifi icon in the Status bar to check the currently active connection?

With Wifi Display, you’ll always be sure you’re connected to the network you think you are.

Wifi Display simply displays the currently active SSID Wifi name in your Status bar. Command-drag the Wifi name along the Status bar to move it next to your Wifi icon.

Click the Wifi name to check for updates or quit the app.

To ensure that Wifi Display is always running when you start your Mac, we suggest you add it to your Login Items in System Preferences > Users & Groups panel.

Wifi Display is sandboxed, notarized and signed with the Sqwarq Apple Developer ID signature.

Wifi Display is free to use, though donations are welcome. 🙂

Minimum System Requirements: macOS 10.10 Yosemite

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