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Minimum System Requirements: macOS 10.11 (for older versions see ‘Legacy Version’ below).


Critical keeps you informed of when a background update of the listed components occurs. These are controlled by the command line softwareupdate tool and by App Store preference settings in System Preferences.

Critical Updates refreshes the Components table on launch, and about once every 60 minutes if left running; it polls the App Store for Security updates on launch and about once every 10 seconds while running. Critical Updates has a very low energy and resource footprint and can be left running with virtually no impact on system resources.

Critical Updates is free to download and use for personal/home use. A ‘Supplied as is’ license is implied, with no warranty and no liability accepted, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Donations are welcome.

If you wish to license Critical Updates for commercial, organizational or institutional use, please contact Sqwarq support.


  • newly-updated Components for the startup disk are colored red in the table
  • a sheet alert appears when new items are added to XProtect by Apple. Click ‘Show me’ to review the items, or use ‘View > XProtect’ (Cmd-X)
  • an alert message appears in the window when a Security update for the startup disk needs to be installed manually
  • click the yellow warning triangle next to the alert message text to open the App Store for the startup disk
  • click the ‘x’ button to hide the alert message
  • double-click any Component’s name to reveal it in the Finder
  • click the App Store icon in the window to immediately open the App Store preference settings for the startup disk
  • use a Secondary Click within the table view to copy the table data to the clipboard

What’s new

Version 1.59

(Update: 26 Feb 2018 17:06 ICT )
See the release notes

Legacy Version

Users of versions of macOS earlier than 10.11 can try the Critical Updates This should work fine on 10.9 and above, but note that it does not offer many of the features listed above. It is in fact just an AppleScript saved as an application bundle with an icon and code-signed with my Developer ID.


Download Critical Updates

The AppleScript source code is available from my pastebin.

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FastTasks 2