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Boot Buddy v1.01 is a little free utility app written in Swift which allows you to create a bootable USB Installer from a macOS

After running Boot Buddy, you’ll have a bootable Installer that you can plug in to as many Macs as you want to install the OS.

To use:

Boot Buddy requires macOS 10.11 or higher and can only be used with Mavericks or higher Installer.apps.

1. Make sure you have already downloaded a copy of the macOS
2. Ensure you have a free partition on a USB drive. 16GB is about all that is required.
3. If you plan to use the Installer immediately, you’ll also need another drive or partition as the target for the new OS.
3. Launch Boot Buddy. Click the ‘Source’ button to choose the, then click the Destination button to choose the USB.
4. Click the ‘Create’ button. You will need an Admin password.

Completion time will obviously vary depending on your hardware, but between 2-3 minutes is normal.

After Boot Buddy completes, you can now reboot your mac and choose the USB as the boot drive. The will launch and ask you where you want to install the new version of the OS.

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8 thoughts on “Boot Buddy

  1. What a wonderfully elegant piece of software. So easy to use.
    I used it this morning in order to revert my APFS formatted fusion drive to HFS+

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