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*requires OSX 10.10 Yosemite or later
**some features are not available in the demo version

What’s new

Version 2.1

      Added world times in the full, paid version

Version 1.9

        Added AppleScript support. See the

Scripting Examples

        for tips on how to use AppleScript with OSXClock

*AppleScript support is currently available only in the full, paid version

Version 1.8

      Ghost mode: allows you to keep OSXClock on top, but still see and interact with your apps underneath
      Variable Transparency: change OSXClock’s visibility depending on what you’re doing
      12/24hr: choose between 12 & 24hr clocks displays
      New and additional keyboard shortcuts: almost all of OSXClock’s features are now accessible without needing to leave the keyboard
      Auto Update: OSXClock now checks for available updates on launch
      Demo version is now time unlimited: you can use the OSXClock Demo for free, forever!


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