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Version 1.44
System Requirements: macOS 10.10 or later, Carbon Copy Cloner 4.1.10 or later

What’s New: Release Notes

Disk Inspector is a utility for keeping track of multiple backup drives created with Carbon Copy Cloner.

Although CCC has its own Task History, the information it provides is only available on the source disk. If you need to know which of your backups is the most recent clone of a source (perhaps in the event that the source disk has failed), plug your backups into any compatible mac and run Disk Inspector.

Disk Inspector reports information about each connected disk including whether the disk is bootable or not, its name, OS version and build (for bootable disks). It also reports free space and the date, if any, that the disk was last cloned as well as the source it was cloned from.


Disk Inspector is intended to be used as a helper tool when you make backups with Carbon Copy Cloner.

When you first launch Disk Inspector on a source disk, choose ‘Set Up’ from the Welcome screen and follow the guided steps.


Once Set Up is complete, after a backup task has run, you’ll be able to see information about that destination disk in Disk Inspector’s main view when you launch it on any mac that the disk is connected to.


Disk Inspector may report inaccurate or missing information while a clone is in progress.

Table columns can be sorted and reordered. Relaunching Disk Inspector will return the table to its default row and column orders.

For further help or instructions, contact Sqwarq support.

Please note that neither Disk Inspector nor the included postRun.sh shell script are in any way directly connected to, endorsed or supported by the developers of Bombich Software.


Disk Inspector is free to download and use for non-commercial use. A ‘Supplied as is’ license is implied, with no warranty and no liability accepted, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Your use of this software is at your own risk.

If you like Disk Inspector, feel free to make a small contribution towards its continued development. Thanks 👍🏼!!

If you wish to license Disk Inspector for commercial use, please contact Sqwarq support.

Disk Inspector is (c) 2016 Phil Stokes. All rights reserved.

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