DetectX Swift v1

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DetectX Swift is out of beta, and the release version is now available for download

System Requirements: macOS 10.11 or greater.


download fasttasks 2

What is it?

DetectX Swift is a shareware security and troubleshooting tool that uses a combination of hardcoded search definitions along with live updates and predictive heuristics to detect both known and unknown threats and issues. It provides the user with multiple analytical capabilities regarding both the system’s current state and changes to its state over time related to its ongoing security and performance.

Like its older relative DetectX, and in-keeping with Sqwarq software’s security philosophy of minimal rights for all products, DetectX Swift does not require administrator privileges to install or run (occasional per-time elevated privileges may be requested for specific operations, namely deleting threats located outside of the user’s home folder or for running diagnostic reports on DetectX Swift itself).


What should I know?


DetectX Swift is a sophisticated piece of software, and you are strongly recommended to view the following pages to get a better understanding of both the functions it provides and how best to exploit them to your advantage:

User Guide
Video Tutorials
Searching with the command line interface

On top of that, please report any bugs directly to Sqwarq Support.

User support is our number one priority, and there’s no such thing as too much info. If you’re not sure if something is relevant or not, tell us anyway. It’s our job to figure out the details.

Thank you for your interest, and before we go, a vital caveat emptor not to be overlooked:

Please note that DetectX Swift is provided ‘as is’ with no warranty or guarantee of fit-for-purpose of any kind. Your use of this software is entirely at your own risk.

If you accept this disclaimer and would like to try the software, you can download it here: Download DetectX Swift.


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