DetectX Licensing Options

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Register for Home Use  – $10 USD

Home use entitles you to use DetectX on an unlimited number of machines, so long as (i) the computers are personally owned by you or your family, and (ii) DetectX is used for non-commercial-type, personal use only.

 Register for Home Use




Purchase a Commercial License – $49.99 USD

For commercial or commercial-type use, a DetectX Commercial Use License is required. This license allows you to use DetectX (i) as part of a fee-paying service you provide, (ii) on multiple computers in an academic or institutional setting, or (iii) on multiple computers you administer or service but do not personally own.

Only one commercial-type license is required for your organisation, business or institution.

DetectX Commercial Use License holders are eligible for custom installers to ease the process of installing the license on multiple machines as well as a USB installer for running a licensed version of DetectX from a portable drive. Available on request.

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