BackupCam (v1 Beta)

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What is it?

BackupCam (v1 Beta) is rather like a Dash Cam you might have in your car: it continuously records the last few minutes of screen activity, ensuring you always capture on camera what has just been happening. It requires macOS 10.11.6 or later.

Why do I want it?

Ever wondered how some project you’re working on got into a mess?
Ever found that Undo/Command-Z manages to let you down just when you need to retrace your steps the most?
BackupCam will let you see what you did so that you can work out how to undo it.

BackupCam can also be used for security purposes and for bug-testing your software.

By having a constant record of your screen activity, BackupCam can let you see things that happened even when you didn’t notice them at the time.

How does it work?

BackupCam lives in the menu bar. Click its icon to reveal the interface.
It’s fairly simple. You set the recording interval from anywhere between 1 to 15 minutes and hit ‘Start’. After that you can just leave BackupCam alone to do its stuff.
BackupCam keeps the current recording and the two previous recordings, so if you set the interval for 5 minutes, say, you should always have a record of the last 10 minutes of activity.
BackupCam is smart enough to know when your mac goes to sleep or into screensaver mode, and automatically stops recording and restarts recording when you wake the mac.

To see the backups, just click the Backups folder icon in BackupCam’s interface.

Any other features?

You can control BackupCam with AppleScript.
BackupCam records high-quality, full resolution recordings of your primary screen to ensure perfect clarity of even the smallest details.
Support for multiple displays is planned for a future release.

What about resources?

BackupCam doesn’t use much memory or hard disk space (the shorter the interval, the smaller the file size).
On a 2014 iMac 5K, we found it uses about 7-8% of CPU resources. If you are running a laptop on battery power, you may want to take this into account and consider turning off BackupCam when you’re not doing anything important or if you’re battery is running low.

OK. How much does it cost?

BackupCam is shareware. You are welcome to try it at no charge.
Registration is $5 and entitles you to use the product for personal use on any macs in your family.

What’s new
Version 1.6 Beta
(Update: 22 Apr 2017 17:24 ICT )
See the release notes

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